See your genealogy in a world view
Branches is a full featured stand-alone software program that lets you view, manage, and organize your genealogy data in a modern graphical and database environment.
Zoom down into your past
Just like modern trip mapping software, you can Zoom in and Zoom out and move to any place in your genealogy. Get as little or as much detail as you like.
See all one place!
All events, notes, sources, repositories and even photos and source documents are where they should be...where the individual is. No more searching for information or documents.
See all Relationships on one screen
One of the most frustrating problems for genealogy and family history enthusiasts is understanding complex relationships in their family trees such as multiple spouses, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Branches solves this problem by using a patented technique showing all possible relationships on one screen. No more hidden family members. No one ever gets lost.
No more fear of merging
Don't know which birthday is correct, save them both... as many as you like. Don't know which place is them all.
Export and prune with ease
Frustrated trying to eliminate individuals or families... or trying to select data to put in a GEDCOM file? Branches makes it easy. Just draw a box around the people you want to include and then export. Now you know what will be in the GEDCOM.
See Concentrations of people in your data base.
Branches shows you bunches of people by showing densities just like population concentrations. You are able to see where groups of people are hidden in your family tree.
Never get lost
The Branches Mini Map Always lets you know where you are.
Go ahead...find me!
Branches let's you search for names, places and even text within notes. The results are displayed visually so you know right where the people are in your database. It makes finding people fun and easy.
No lost orphans
No one gets lost in Branches. When you open a database, Branches shows you a list of all the unlinked trees and individuals. You can then choose which tree you wish to look at. Linking and unlinking parts of your database is quick and safe.
The View from here is really great!!
With Branches, you can eliminate wasted time and frustration by saving a visual view of the area you are working on. You can have as many views as you wish. You can even change root persons and save a view of their ancestors and descendants and return to the original root person with a single click.

How is Branches Different?


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