Context menu - Family


Control+clicking or clicking the right mouse button while the cursor is over the vertical line between a husband and wife will cause the family context menu to appear:

FAMILY OPTIONS (Close) - clicking this item will close the context menu without performing any command.

Add child - add a child to this family - See: Add child

Acc event to family - add marriage, divorce, etc. - See: Add event to family

Add family note for this family - add a family note - See: Add family note to family

Add multimedia to family - add a reference to an image, document or web site - See: Add multimedia item to family

Reorder children - arrange children as desired - See: Reorder children in a family

Delete family relationships - remove all relationships between spouses and children in a family - See: Delete family relationships

Note: if the husband in a family has more than one spouse, they will be shown below his name, with vertical line segments between each wife. The vertical line segment immediately above a wife’s name represents the family for the husband and this wife.