Context Menu - Individual


Control+clicking or clicking the right mouse button while the cursor is over an individuals name will cause the following context menu to appear:

INDIVIDUAL OPTIONS (Close) - clicking this item will close the context menu without performing any command.

Descendancy View - show all descendants.  See: Descendants view

Family View - information about immediate family - See: Family view

Edit individual - update a persons name and gender - See: Edit individual

Delete individual - delete a person and their events - See: Delete individual

MERGE individuals - combine two individuals including their events and other information - See: Merge individuals

PRINT reports - opens the Print reports dialog box so you can access the printed reports. See: Print reports

Get this person’s tree from FamilySearch™ - lets you download a tree from FamilySearch starting with the selected person. See: Downloading information from FamilySearch

Match this person with FamilySearch™ - - finds the selected person in FamilySearch™ and lets you confirm that they match.

See: Match a person with FamilySearch™

The ‘Update this person’s LDS Ordinances from FamilySearch™’ - for members of the LDS Church, downloads the current LDS ordinance information from FamilySearch™ for the selected person.

See: Update LDS ordinances from FamilySearch™

The ‘Download this person’s Memories from FamilySearch™’ - downloads the selected person’s photos and documents from FamilySearch.™

See: Download Memories from FamilySearch™

The ‘Add ...’ submenu - lets you add information to your family tree. You can add parents, spouses, children, events, notes, pictures, sources etc.

See: Add submenu

The ‘Unlink ... ’ submenu - lets you unlink the selected person from parents or spouses.

See: Unlink submenu

The ‘Reorder ...’ submenu - lets you change the order of children, spouses and parents for the selected person.

See: Reorder submenu

The ‘Root person ...’ submenu - lets you choose a new root person for the current tree.

See: Root person submenu

The ‘FamilySearch™ ...’ submenu - lets you download information and match individuals in your database with persons in FamilySearch™ .

See: FamilySearch™ submenu