Descendants view


Branches can show you a graphical representation of the descendants of a selected individual.

While in the descendancy view, you can zoom in and out and reposition the screen, just as in the main view. You can add, delete and edit information in the descendancy view. You can also control+click or right click on another person and select ‘Descendancy View’ for the new person.

Descendancy views can be saved using the ‘Save view’ button on the toolbar.

To return to the main view, click the ‘Home’ button in the toolbar, or right click on white space and select ‘Return to Home view’ on the context menu that appears.

Alternately, you can place the cursor over the individual’s name and control+click or click the right mouse button. When the context menu appears, select ‘Descendancy View’.

To see descendants of an individual, click on the person’s name to select it. The name will turn green to indicate it has been selected. Then click on the ‘Actions’ menu in the main menu bar, select ‘Descendancy view’.