Multiple occurrences of the same person


The Dups button on the toolbar shows multiple occurrences of the same person in the tree being viewed.

Multiple instances of a person can occur due to intermarriages between ancestral lines.

This feature can also help you find errors in your data. For example when a grandchild with the same name as an ancestor is added or linked as a spouse in a family in place of the ancestor.

The green lines in the example above show multiple occurrences of John HOPPER and E GORHAM, his spouse. This multiple occurrence may indicate an error in the data. Notice that John HOPPER, Samuel HOPPER and William HOPPER occur as  siblings in the family to the right, and also as children in the family on the left.

Note: This feature only shows multiple occurrences of a person. It is not comparing names for possible matches. In the example above, John HOPPER has the same RIN (record identification number) in both families and is recognized as a multiple occurrence. Samuel HOPPER occurs in both families but has a different RIN in each family, so is not marked as a multiple occurrence.