FamilySearch™ is a massive genealogy database provided free of charge to the public by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. It is comprised of billions of online records which are accessible to anyone. The only requirement is that a person sign up for a free account through the website.

Instructions for obtaining a free account are available on the website.

Once you have obtained a user name and password, you can access portions of the FamilySearch™ database using Branches Pro.

Branches allows you to search the pedigree portions of the database and find trees that are already created by users. These trees can be downloaded to Branches Pro for easy viewing using the patented Branches tree structure.

FamilySearch™ allows you to enter you and your family members. Only you can see the information you put in on living persons. FamilySearch™ does NOT allow you to search for living persons. However, it is likely that some other persons have already put in trees for your ancestors. You just have to search back far enough to find those trees.

It is suggested that you do all your research, and searching, to build your tree directly on FamilySearch™. Then after you have created your tree and tied it to other trees, you can download the complete tree to Branches.

About FamilySearch™

Branches functions

Branches downloads two types of trees from FamilySearch™:

  1. 1.Direct Ancestors, with birth and death events only. These trees show only birth, death and PersonID information.

  2. 2.Ancestors and descendants with all events. These trees show all events including LDS ordinances (only LDS Members have access to ordinances).

Other FamilySearch™ functions include the following:

  1. 1.Match an individual in your tree with FamilySearch.™

  2. 2.Download ‘Memories’ from FamilySearch.™

  3. 3.Update LDS ordinances from FamilySearch™ (for LDS Church members).