Getting your information into Branches

If you have existing information in another genealogy program, you can transfer it to Branches by following these steps:

If you are not using another genealogy program, you can enter your data manually by selecting ‘File -> New’ on the main menu

See: New database

1.Create a GEDCOM file of your genealogy information using your old program.

     See: How to export GEDCOM Files from other programs

  1. 2.Start Branches, and select File -> ‘Import a GEDCOM file’ on the main menu.

     See: Import a GEDCOM file

  1. 3.Import multimedia items (photos, documents, etc)

     If the multimedia items are already on your computer, you only need to link

    them to your database using the Multimedia file manager.

    If they are not on your computer, you will first need to create a folder on your

    computer and copy the multimedia items into the new folder. Then use the

    Multimedia file manager to link them to your database.

    See: Multimedia File Manager

Another method for populating a new database, or adding information to an existing database, it to download information from FamilySearch™.

See: Interacting with FamilySearch