How to do things in Branches


Use the zoom operation to see your information, then return to the ‘Home’ view.

See: Zoom in and out, return to ‘Home’ view

Understanding the structure of the Branches tree can help you see and understand the relationships between people in your family tree.

See: See all relationships

The Mini Map, in the upper left corner of the screen, shows you which portion of your tree you are viewing.

See: Always know where you are with the Branches Mini Map

In addition to the tree that shows ancestors, you can also see a descendants tree.

See: Descendants view

You can save (bookmark) a view of an area of interest, so you can return to it easily.

See: Save a view

Use the search functions to find people, places and keywords in notes.

See: Search for information

The Family view shows you information about a person and his immediate family.

See: Family view

The rectangle zoom function lets you quickly center and enlarge an area of your tree.

See: Rectangle zoom

A variety of printed reports are available using the Print reports command.

See: Printed reports

You can add, edit and delete information in your tree by right clicking (or control clicking) on an item (name, event, note etc.) and selecting a command from the context menu that appears.

See: Context menu functions

You can add, edit and delete information in your tree by clicking on an item in your tree to select it, and using a command in the ‘Actions’ menu on the main menu bar.

See: The Actions menu

You can download information from FamilySearch and hi-light, or print, individuals who have ‘Ready’ LDS ordinances.

See: Interacting with FamilySearch™