Import a GEDCOM file


GEDCOM is an acronym which stands for ‘Genealogical Data Communications.’ GEDCOM files are plain text files containing genealogical information in a linked hierarchical format. GEDCOM files have been used since 1984.

To import a GEDCOM file and create a new Branches database, select ‘File -> Import a GEDCOM file’ on the main menu.

A standard ‘File Open’ sheet will appear. Navigate to the desired GEDCOM file and select it, then click the “Open” button.

A progress indicator will be shown while the GEDCOM file is imported. When all records in the file have been processed, Branches will show the ‘Preparer information’ sheet.

This will let you enter preparer information for this database. If you have previously entered default preparer information using the Branches preferences function, you can simply click the “Load default” button.

Click the ‘OK’ button on the preparer sheet. A ‘Save As’ sheet will appear, which will allow you to choose a name for the new Branches database being created. The default name is the name of the GEDCOM file you imported.

If a database with this name already exists, you will be asked if the old database should be replaced with the new one.

The new database will open. If the import resulted in more than one tree being built, the Tree List will appear first, to allow you to select the tree you wish to view.

Note: GEDCOM files may contain references to photos, documents and other multimedia items. If you have the multimedia items referenced by the GEDCOM file you just imported, copy them to a folder on your computer’s disk drive, then use the Branches ‘Multimedia file manager’ to search for, and connect them.

See: Multimedia File Manager