Multimedia file manager


The Multimedia file manager helps you to maintain the links in your database to your multimedia item files. It identifies items that are missing, and allows you to search a folder, directory, or the entire disk to find missing multimedia items.

If you do not have the multimedia files, and will not be able to get them, you can use the Multimedia file manager to remove the references to them.

To open the Multimedia file manager, select ‘Edit -> Multimedia file manager’ on the main menu:

The Multimedia Manager sheet will appear. A list of unlinked multimedia items will be shown in the bottom list box. To search for the missing multimedia items, enter a starting directory in the top text box, or use the browse button ( >> ) and navigate to the desired starting directory. The default directory is the Pictures directory.

Click the ‘Search’ button.

When the search completes, the multimedia items that were found and linked will be removed from the list at the bottom of the sheet.

If you know that the multimedia items in the list are not on your computer, and you will not be able to add them to your computer in the future, you can remove the references to these items from your database by clicking the “Delete” button.

When the confirmation sheet appears, click OK.