New database


Selecting File -> New on the main menu lets you create a new database.

If you have previously entered default preparer information using the preferences menu option, you can load the form with the default preparer information by clicking the ‘Load default’ button.

After you enter your information as the preparer of this database, you can save the information as the default preparer by clicking the ‘Save as Default’ button.

When you are finished with the preparer information, click OK.

A prompt will open to let you name and save the new database.

After selecting this menu item, an untitled document will be created, and the ‘Enter Root Person’ sheet will appear.

Enter the name, and other information, for the first person in your new database and click the ‘OK’ button. The ‘Preparer information’ sheet will open.

Enter a name for your  new database, and if needed select the location where the database will be saved, then click the ‘Save’ button.

If a file with this name already exists, you will be prompted to Replace it.

Once you have created the database with the first person in it, you can add to the data by right clicking on the root person’s name and selecting the desired commands such as Add Spouse, Add Parents, Add Event to individual, etc.

Note: If you press the Cancel button, you can choose a different name for your new database. Select ‘File -> Save’ from the main menu and the save sheet will re-open.