Search the list of individuals


You can find a person in any tree in the database by using the ‘Search list’ button on the toolbar. This will cause the ‘Find an individual’ sheet to appear.

As you type a name or record identification number (RIN) in the text box above the list, the selection in the list will change to match the data entered. The radio buttons above the text box allow you select the type of information you wish to enter.

You may also select an individual by scrolling the list and clicking on the name of the person.

When an individual is selected, identifying information about the person is shown in the area to the right of the name list.

When you click the ‘OK’ button, or double click the name in the list, Branches will change the screen to the ‘Home’ view and hi-light all occurrences of the selected person in red. If the selected person is not in the tree currently being viewed, Branches will open the tree containing the selected person.

Note: If you double click on the small red circle to the left of any hi-lighted name, Branches will zoom in and center that person so you can read their information..