Search for names, places and text in notes


The branches search function lets you find individuals in the tree being viewed, using only partial information. For example, entering ‘Gun’ in the name field will find Gunther, Gunderson, Gundy etc.

To start a search, click the ‘Search’ button on the toolbar.

When the ‘Search for names, places and notes’ sheet appears, type in full or partial information in as many fields as you wish and click the ‘Search’ button.

Branches will hi-light in red the names of all individuals that match the search criteria. The example search above finds all of the Butlers who lived in Riverton.

Note: If you double click on the small red circle to the left of any hi-lighted name, Branches will zoom in and center that person so you can read their information.

Click the ‘Search off’ button on the toolbar to clear all of the red hi-lights.