System Requirements


Branches for Mac requires:

            OS X Operating System :              10.11 El Capitan or later

            Processor:                                      x86 processor

            Disk space:                                     Minimum 50MB

Number of Individuals

Branches can handle unlimited people, marriages, events and notes.  However, the larger the tree, the slower it will draw.  For trees over 30,000 individuals you may want to consider breaking your tree into several parts.

Branches makes it very easy to separate large trees into several smaller trees using the export functions.  Recombining the trees later is also very quick and easy.

To enable large trees to draw faster, you can temporarily turn off the display of details, sources and events.

Multimedia Files 

Branches supports the importing and viewing of photos, images, documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, music files, video files internet links (URLs) and other types of multimedia items.