Using Branches Help


Branches Help consists of three types of information:

  1. 1.Descriptive information for those who are new to Branches

  2. 2.Tutorial type information to help you see how to perform common operations.

3. Reference information for all commands and options used in Branches

For those new to Branches, view the topics in the ‘New to Branches?’ box

1. What is Branches?

  1. 1.Using Branches help

  2. 2.The Branches screen

You may also want to review the information in ‘Additional information

  1. 1.FAQs (frequently asked questions)

  2. 2.System requirements

Basic Help navigation:

    Links to help topics are shown in blue. Clicking a link takes you to the topic.

    Clicking the Branches logo on any page will take you back to the first page

    The Back and Next buttons in the toolbar will move you back or forward one page

Tutorial type information is found in the three topics on the left side of the main page:

  1. 1.Interacting with the Branches tree

  2. 2.Getting your information into Branches

  3. 3.How to do things in Branches

  4. 4.Accessing FamilySearch™

Detailed information about Branches (the user’s manual) is presented in the topics at the bottom of the main page:

1. Toolbar functions

  1. 1.Main menu functions

  2. 2.Context menu functions