Using the Apple Magic Mouse with Branches


Note: Before you can click on the upper right area of your magic mouse (right click), you will need to enable this feature in System Preferences ...

Click the Apple icon on the main menu at the top of the screen and select System Preferences ...

Select ‘Mouse’ in the System Preferences dialog that appears. If the Point & Click tab is not already selected, select it.

Enable ‘Secondary click.’ This will enable clicking on the upper right side of the Magic Mouse.

To see the information in your Branches tree, you can zoom in and out by swiping the center portion of your Magic Mouse with one finger. The cursor position is the center of the zoom area. 

To move the Branches tree, click and hold the upper left portion of the mouse and ‘drag’ using the mouse.

Alternately, you can access Branches commands by ‘right’ clicking. Place the cursor over a name, event, etc. and click the upper right portion of the mouse. A context menu of commands will appear.

You can use the ‘Actions’ menu in the main menu bar to access commands.  First, select an item (name, event, note etc.) by clicking on it in the tree.  The item will be shown in green to indicate it has been selected.  Then choose a command from the actions menu.  Menu items that are not valid for the selected item will be grayed out.

Another way to see the context menus is to hold the ‘control’ key down while clicking on  a name, event, etc.