What is Branches?


Branches is a full-featured, stand-alone application that lets you input, view and manage your genealogy data in a modern graphics environment.

Just as Google Earth™ shows you the whole earth right down to your own house, Branches shows you a global view of your genealogy data and lets you zoom in to see the smallest detail, such as a source record or an image of a birth certificate.

Branches combines the information from a pedigree chart and a family group sheet into a visual tree representation which shows all relationships and data.  It is like a map of your family data.  You use the wheel on your mouse, or your keyboard, to zoom in and out, allowing you to see more or less detail. You can also move the tree around by holding the left mouse button down and moving the cursor to position the tree where you like it.

Branches screen showing a tree with 6,617 individuals