Zoom in and out, return to ‘Home’ view


The Branches tree contains all of the information in your database. However, some of the information is too small to see or read. To see this information, roll the mouse wheel forward and backward. The tree will become larger or smaller as you roll the wheel.

You can also use keyboard keys to zoom in and out. Use the ‘d’ and ‘f’ keys or the ‘j’ and ‘k’ keys.

To return to the ‘Home’ view, press the home button on the toolbar

Note: when zooming in or out the position of the cursor (not the center of the screen) is the center of focus. This saves you from having to move the area of interest to the center of the screen every time you want to zoom.

You can zoom in on photos and scanned documents that you put into Branches. Simply position the cursor over the thumbnail of the item and roll the mouse wheel.

To reposition the tree on the screen, hold down the left mouse button and ‘drag’ the tree to the desired position by moving the mouse.

If you are using a Magic Mouse, use one finger to swipe the center of the mouse.

If you are using a MacBook touch pad, swipe the touch pad vertically using two fingers to zoom in and out.

If using a Magic Mouse, click and hold the upper left portion of the mouse, and ‘drag.’

If using the MacBook touch pad, press down on the touch pad with one finger and drag.